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God knows best, not me!

By Chantal Robertson, Life Group leader, Jubilee Church Wirral

This blog was originally written in December. Read to the bottom for a post-script!

So, here we are, all packed, in the car, travelling … On an adventure!

I haven’t seen my Papa (who lives in France) for getting on for two and a half years now… I could list a whole lot of hurts, reasons etc, but they’d also be loaded with a whole mixture of emotions too – including embarrassment, guilt and regret. 

The novelty and ‘history making’ of Covid-19 has well and truly worn off and we’re trying to restore relationship. To hug again.

We’ve taken the plunge and re booked flights from 15months ago – how about Christmas? So, began the endless test booking, form filling, money spilling… Trying to remain positive, hopeful, whilst feeling like we were slipping around on mud!

An ever changing landscape. Only to hear two days, one day even, before our flight, that the rules have changed, again!

This verse came up as a ‘memory’ on my Facebook page, me, maybe clinging on, in faith and finding encouragement; that I re-shared as is SO relevant now too.

We want to be setting off, moving forward knowing every step and that everything is sorted and will work out… And maybe that’s what we hear from pragmatic/ sensible people …

But, here we are, I’m writing this on the M6 motorway (as a passenger of course) going south, on our adventure…. we have no idea whether it will work out or not…. But, we just need to go, trusting God, that: ‘We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps’ (Proverbs 16:9 NLT) 

Our hearts are full of uncertainty and worry, (earlier had a silly argument over nothing and had to forgive each other!), but, we want to ‘press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called (us) heavenward in Christ Jesus’ (Philippians 3:14 NIV), with Holy Spirit with us to stir our faith to step forward on our adventure, trusting God.

UPDATE: so…sadly no, we didn’t make it to France for Christmas, but did end up having a really lovely time in March.
At Christmas, we ended up staying for the week with my brother and spending some good quality time with him (can’t remember the last time this happened!) and blessing him in ways we could never have done. Also Christmas with my Mum opened up some fun Mum /daughter time too. God knows best xoxo 

Jubilee Church Wirral Life Group leaders Rick and Chantal Robertson

Chantal Robertson with her husband Rick

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