Friday Tots
Our FREE weekly term-time group for pre-schoolers

friday tots
term-term fridays

Friday Tots is a fantastic, fun and FREE Friday toddler group for babies, toddlers and all pre-school children.

It takes place every term-time Friday between 9.30am and 11am at The Jubilee Centre, Hose Side Road, Wallasey CH45 0LA.

The little ones play, listen to stories, sing songs, eat snacks and generally have lots and lots of fun.

The grown-ups, meanwhile, enjoy coffee, tea and chat.

This part of our website is dedicated to providing resources such as videos, songs and activities that you might enjoy doing with your little one.

If you’ve got any ideas for other things we can put on here, let us know by emailing and marking your email “Friday Tots”.


Hannah Faluyi, Manager, Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre Wallasey


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