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Friday Tots: An answer to prayer

By the Friday Tots Team, Jubilee Church Wirral

You know when you pray about something and then you wait?

And then nothing happens, and you pray a bit more and then wait?

And STILL nothing happens? It’s happened to us all, right? Eventually we think that perhaps God doesn’t want this to happen, which is fine, because He can’t give us everything we ask for in prayer.

What if two sets of football fans, whose teams were playing each other one Saturday, both prayed for their team to win. He can’t make both teams win, can He? One has to lose or both have to draw.

So perhaps we give up praying because we think that surely there’s no point praying for something that CLEARLY isn’t EVER going to happen.


Consider this.

Many years ago, several people within Jubilee started praying for a tots group to be run within the church.

Nothing happened for a long time. Circumstances and situations colluded against us and it just wasn’t possible.

Then, recently, it became possible. And in the blink of an eye (well, a bit longer than that but not much), it happened.

Friday Tots was born.

The plan was to create a free group for pre-schoolers and their grown-ups on Friday morning (hence the name) where children could play, hear stories, sing and sign and enjoy snacks, while the grown-ups could relax a bit, have a chat and enjoy a tea, a coffee and even maybe a biscuit.

God has provided everything we needed to get it started: A big enough room with a kitchen in close proximity, a group of amazing people who worked so hard and gave so much of their time, equipment being donated, and best of all lots of children and their mums/dads/grandparents/carers.

We’ve only had three sessions but there has never been fewer than 18 children each time – way beyond our expectations – and it has been a joy to meet so many happy children who obviously look forward to coming, and witness plenty of chatting and laughing.

It’s been wonderful to share a Bible story with children who may never have heard the word of God before, and not just sing with them but to have singing with signs too.

We’ve also been hugely blessed with the adults and children being willing to pitch in to clear away.

God’s timing, as ever, has been perfect. Our prayers have been answered.

One last thing. We are still in need of more volunteers for the group, whether it’s setting up, clearing away or just giving some of your time during the session itself. If you can help at all – once a week, once a fortnight or even once a month – please do let us know by having a word with any of our leaders on Sunday morning or any other time during the week, or by emailing

Friday Tots takes place every term-time Friday from 9.30am-11am at The Jubilee Centre, Hose Side Road, Wallasey CH45 0LA. It’s free.


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