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Evangelism – does it scare you?

By Andrew Greenhalgh, Jubilee Church Wirral

Is this what you picture when you think of being an evangelist?

How do you feel about evangelism?

Maybe it makes you feel slightly queasy, in that “I know it’s important and that God wants us to be evangelists but I can’t bear the thought of doing it myself” kind of way.

Maybe you’ve decided that you don’t feel called to evangelise, that God hasn’t chosen to gift you with that particular talent. Or maybe you’ve never really thought about it at all.

If thinking about evangelising makes you feel queasy, then I completely understand. Not just because doing something new is always nerve-wracking, but because “evangelism” conjures up images of people standing on street corners and shouting at passers-by.

If you’ve decided that God hasn’t called you to evangelise, then I understand that, too.

But isn’t saying “God hasn’t called me to do that” just an easy way out of doing something we don’t want to do?

A way of saying how much you believe in God while simultaneously ducking out of doing anything you don’t actually want to do?

I believe that we’re all called to evangelise, and that ultimately we are all evangelists, whether we like it or not.

Why? If you come to church regularly, then the chances are that at least some of your friends, colleagues and neighbours think of you as a Christian. That means their view of God is at least partially shaped by you and the way you live your life. That makes you an evangelist.

If I’m right and we’re all called to be evangelists, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple, painless way of evangelising? A way that helped Jubilee specifically as well as spreading the word of God?

There is.
Five or six days a week, Jubilee Church Wirral posts on Facebook and Instagram. Our posts range from news announcements to encouraging Bible verses.

We want these posts to reach as many people as possible, because:

– We want to grow Jubilee as a church
– We want to bring people to God
– We want to support and encourage those who have come to God already

Sounds good, right?

Here’s how you can help.

Every time anybody likes, comments on or shares a Jubilee post on Facebook or Instagram, more people see that post as a result. It’s that simple.

For the past two and a half years, we’ve had a small but faithful band of people who try their best to like, comment and share our posts – and for those people we are truly grateful.

But the more people who get involved, the more people we can reach – and the more people we can bring to God.

Can you help?

Our regular band of commenters receive a WhatsApp message every time we post, with a link through to the post itself. If you’d like to join that group, send me a message on 07714 102661.

If that sounds a bit too much of a commitment and you’re already in too many WhatsApp groups to mention, then all we ask is this:

Every time you see a Jubilee post on Facebook or Instagram, ‘like’ it, comment on it, or, better still, share it.

Not only will you be helping Jubilee, you’ll be helping bring people to God.

You’ll be evangelising.

Andrew Greenhalgh and Julie Greenhalgh Upton Life Group leaders Jubilee Church Wirral

Andrew Greenhalgh, Jubilee Church Wirral

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