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Baptism testimonies at Jubilee

Why do we baptise people at Jubilee? There are two reasons.

Firstly, in obedience to God. Acts 2:38 reads “And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptised every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

The second reason we do it is as a public declaration of faith.

We only baptise believers; people who have come to faith. We baptise by immersion, which symbolises that your old life has died and you are being raised to new life.

But the water isn’t special: It’s just out of a tap. What you are saying when you go down into the water is “My old life is gone”, and when you are raised up again you are saying “This is who I am”.

It is a representation of what’s already happened to them. They are not made into Christians by going into the water, they are just recognising what God has done in their lives.

This week at Jubilee, four of our young people – Lucas Pilletteri, Asher Martin, Zach Martin and Josh Frodsham – alongside youth leader Matt Wilson, made the decision to be baptised.

Matt will share his testimony next week, but here’s what our young people had to say about their reasons for taking the plunge.

Lucas Pilletteri

Hello, my name is Lucas and this is my testimony.

I want to be baptised because I want to be in God’s family. Jesus tells us in the Bible that we should be baptised – I want to do as He says.

I have been taught about Jesus since I was very small. I have learned that Jesus died on the cross for my sin and I became a Christian to make things right with God.

I know that God healed me when I was seriously ill as a baby and again as a young child. Lots of people prayed for me.

I know that God listens to my prayers now. Jesus has taught me to be a kind friend and that I can tell Him anything.

I know that sometimes people don’t understand when I talk but Jesus understands everything about me and His Spirit is in my heart.


Asher Martin

At the time of writing, my Baptism is happening tomorrow on the 28th of November.

Firstly I feel excited and ready as I feel my baptism is long overdue and I can’t wait to get it done; I also feel slightly nervous but that’s only down to speaking in front of the congregation which I’m praying goes smoothly.

However I don’t think I should be nervous, I had been learning about God and Bible stories growing up in church but I first gave my life to Christ at the second Newday I went to when I was around 13.

God has called me to the worship team in which I have served in to help his church and it is ALL DOWN TO HIM that I am here about to get Baptised.

This is my testimony of how God has worked through me and in that, why should I worry? Paul says to repent and be baptised and as a Christian it is only right that I obey the word of God.

Zach Martin

I grew up in a Christian household and have known God all my life, I have devoted my life to God multiple times but the first time I realised the impact that God’s love had on my life I was in awe on my knees.

This was at Newday 2019.

The reason I am getting baptised is in obedience to God. We are told to “Repent and be baptised” and I am doing that.

Josh Frodsham

I have grown up in the church, but I first gave my life to God life at Newday
when I was 9 or 10.

I had always believed in God but took Him more as something to go to if I was in trouble. Like if I was late to school, I would pray that he would give me super speed.

But it was at Newday when I first realised, he was more.
I have been going to Newday since I was 4 months old.

I was in the children’s work, and I responded to a word for the morning. I went to one of the leaders and they prayed with me and I repented of my sin and asked for God’s forgiveness.

Over the years my relationship grew but I would encounter setbacks where I
would go my own way. I used to think everyone was better off than me, like
everyone would be getting the UCS Lego millennium falcon or the new play
station and no one would get me anything like that.

What’s the point of being a Christian if I don’t get rewarded?

But I soon realised I didn’t need stuff like that. Dwelling about things of this world is incomparable to the joys of heaven.

Newday used to be an anchor for me so that if I got too far away it would
always bring me back and rekindle the flame for the Lord. But in the last 3 or 4 years it is has been more of a trampoline and a massive boost and my
relationship with God grew hugely.

The youth sessions have been a massive help in sorting out details on how to be a better person and man of God.

It also keeps me focused on who it is all about.

So that is why I am getting baptised to truly say my old self is gone and that my life is for the Lord.


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