Jubilee Youth and children’s work

Jubilee Youth and children’s work

CRÊCHe: For children aged 0-4

Our SPARKS group is our Sunday morning group for 0-4 year olds.

Bible stories, singing and dancing, as well as free play are available for your little ones. Please feel free to come and play with our dedicated SPARKS team. You are able to leave your child to play or stay with them if you prefer.

All of our Sparks children enjoy stories from the Old and New Testaments.

They learn about kindness, patience, trust and gentleness.

They learn that God loves them and that God created the world. They are offered the opportunity to create simple crafts to remind them of their learning.

Role play and object lessons also provide lots of fun!

for Primary School children – Years 1-6

FLAMES is our Sunday morning primary school-aged group. The children experience lively singing, puppet shows, drama, games, crafts and prizes. We also serve drinks and biscuits.

Each Sunday we travel through the bible learning about significant events in both the Old Testament and New Testament.

We learn about how heroes and heroines were challenged in their faith in God and discover how the Holy Spirit affects us today.

All of our Flames children experience how Abraham, Noah, Moses, Joshua, Peter, Paul and many others grew in their faith.

We learn about the fruits of the spirit and children are encouraged to develop their own personal relationship with Jesus.

for  Secondary school children Years 7-9

FIRESTARTERS is our younger youth group that also meets on a Sunday morning.

We spend this time together looking at the Bible to discover what God says about His purpose for us, who we are in Christ, our character, miracles of Jesus and much, much more. Games and challenges form part of this growing Sunday morning group.

Firestarters in year 9 are welcome to join in our monthly youth home group.

We have regular youth socials together with Trailblazers and enjoy bowling, water parks, treasure hunts and pizza nights.

Each October the girls attend the ‘BE’ conference for an equipping and inspiring time. Themes have included ‘Be Fighters’ – equipping girls to fight for their identity in Christ and ‘Be Free’ – demonstrating God’s desire for us to be free in Jesus.

FIRESTARTERS also head off each August to NEWDAY our annual christian youth week.

All youth and children’s ministry volunteers are recruited in line with our safeguarding policy

for  Secondary school children Years 10-13

TRAILBLAZERS  is our older youth group that meet on a Sunday morning as well as several other times during the month.

The first Sunday morning of the month is spent serving in various areas within the church. Our young people are encouraged to get involved in serving tea & coffee, helping with the younger children, joining in leading worship and in the technical support area.

For the remainder of the month we explore what the Bible says about issues facing young people today and pray together.

We meet as a youth home group once a month and have socials and fundraising activities regularly.

Each August we pack up and head off to our annual Christian youth week – NEWDAY. An incredible week of praising God, soaking up good teaching and building our relationship with God brings laughter, tears and amazing growth. (Not to mention exhaustion for the leaders!)

All youth and children’s ministry volunteers are recruited in line with our safeguarding policy