'healing' Tagged Posts

'healing' Tagged Posts

Healed of fibromyalgia

Paul Duckworth shares his story of being healed from fibromyalgia and the importance of declaring God’s word over ourselves and our circumstances to see healing manifest.

Ginny’s healing story

Ginny shares amazing story of God’s healing power in her life. This is a great story to raise your expectation of God’s goodness breaking out in your own life to bring healing.

Great times of healing and breakthrough

We are so thankful to God for His healing touch on many lives yesterday at Jubilee Church. We welcomed Sajith Joseph and his team from Grace Community Global to teach and lead the healing meetings. Many stories coming out of healings and breakthrough; one man spoke of many difficulties with his nose after living in a very polluted City, as he was prayed for He felt a coolness passing through his nose and that night he slept better than he…

Chris’ Story

Chris shares about his dad’s medical results, and how God is proving faithful again and again

Rick’s Story | Cataracts

Rick shares how his mum had the test results of her cataracts miraculously changed – she no longer needs an operation.

Kathryn’s Story

Kathryn shares how God has done amazing things for her Dad’s health. Prayer works!
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