Our Stories (Page 18)

Our Stories (Page 18)

Michael’s story

Michael’s story is now online on our main site, from Islam to Christ. It’s so encouraging to hear how our amazing God works….

What’s your story?

Last Sunday we enjoyed hearing fantastic testimonies from many who wanted to share all the amazing things God has been doing in their lives. It’s so exciting to see lives being affected by God’s work throughout the week…we’ve all got a story, come and share yours.

Andrew’s story

God first picked me out via Billy Graham’s Mission England tour at the age of nine or 10, but I did not make a firm commitment to Him for another nine years, when I was confirmed in the Church of England. However, after wandering further and further off His path, God sensibly realised that drastic measures were needed in order for me to get off my ever so slightly lazy behind. To this end, He set me up on a…

Colette’s story

When I was younger I went to a church for years with my mum and I knew all the stories from the bible but I never really knew god. I got to about 14 years old and got in with the wrong crowd, and turned out every parent’s nightmare. Let’s just say I had a colourful past. Nothing seemed to satisfy me until I heard about Jesus again now 32 years old. The knot I walked around with was untied,…