Sermons from May 2019

Sermons from May 2019

Courageous Faith | Gideon – Rick Robertson

We all want to live courageous lives, but how do we get that courage? Where does courageous come from? As Rick unpacks Gideon’s story from the book of Judges, He reveals how God is working to build courageous faith in you.

Jonah: Transforming the Wirral – Graham Webb

Graham Webb joined us today from Jubilee Church Liverpool with the story of Jonah, and how like Jonah God is called us to respond to His voice and obey, even when we don’t feel like it! The results will be a transformed Wirral…

Giving Honour | Dave Frodsham

Giving honour is one of our core values for Jubilee Church Wirral. Dave unpacks why a culture of honour is so critical when it comes to living for God and representing Him in our lives.