Sermons from January 2019

Sermons from January 2019

Serving // DAVID VINE

David Vine from the Longcroft Christian Fellowship speaks on being a servant; he looks at three key servants from Philippians 2 (Jesus, Timothy and Epaphroditus) and powerfully challenges us to give every part of our lives in full service to God.

Yoke of Sonship | Chris Butterworth

What does it mean to discover your true sonship in Christ, and how does it impact the way we live and love life? Chris speaks from Matthew 11 where Jesus reveals how deeply we are connected to Him and therefore to the Father.

Avoid eye contact! (Called to connect) | Graham Anns

Do you avoid catching people’s eye when you are out and about? Or are you looking out for opportunities to connect with those around you. Speaking from Acts 3:1-10 Graham Anns reminds us of the power and life we carry to influence the world around us. Graham is part of the Christ Central Manchester Eldership team. He also oversees the legal, financial and management side of ChristCentral Churches and works with churches in various regions in the UK.