Sermons from October 2018

Sermons from October 2018

Come with us and we will do you good | Dave Frodsham

We believe just as Moses promised his father in law. “Come with us and we will do you good..” (Numbers 10:29) God has set out a vision and a purpose before us and we want you all to come with us as we believe not only will God bless you, that you have a specific role or part to play.  

A Dwelling place for God | Graham Hill

Graham shared some of the prophetic vision he had seen of the Tabernacle fitting inside The Jubilee Centre. We are all part of this dwelling place and we all have a gift to bring but we need to be together. We want the blessing of God, and so we need unity of purpose and heart to receive that blessing as a church.

Making Disciples who make Disciples / DAVE FRODSHAM

There was a shape he wanted for their lives and for us. An UP – connecting with God an IN- changing character as part of a community and an OUT a calling and a mission to see others come to be disciples. God’s intention is for all of us to have these three things happening in our lives.