Sermons from August 2018

Sermons from August 2018

You have purpose with God | Denis Knowles

Denis shares how God’s view of the world, good and bad, is the only one to to hold onto. The key truth that Denis shares through a series of fascinating stories, is that we are held onto by God and He has great purpose for us in this mixed up world – He knows exactly where to put us in His plans.

Words of encouragement from the King | Dave Frodsham

God wants to work through us, to enable us to live freely seeing the gospel build bridges wherever we go. As Dave takes us in into Acts 13 we discover what is means to live freely in every part of our lives – with words of encouragement directly from the King.

God’s Restoring Grace | Jonathan Kent

It’s so easy to get discouraged in life as we live for God; but Jonathan brings us good news today – God is in the business of restoring us and setting us up for success. Discover what it means to experience God’s restoring grace and the part we can play in restoring others.

Choose Your Story | Rick Robertson

As we reach the halfway point in the book of Acts, Rick speaks to us on the key choices we need to make to shape (and choose) our own story; and how our story in powerfully threaded into God’s plans for us and those we live and gather with.