Sermons on Jesus

Sermons on Jesus

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Regeneration, Discipleship, and The Miraculous – Matthew Price

Regeneration, Discipleship, and The Miraculous: Matthew speaks from Acts 3 and introduces us to a world where we actually walk in the full power of the Holy Spirit, and literally be Jesus to all around us and see His kingdom breaking in. Some questions to ask yourself: 1.  Matthew asked,  What on earth can Christians offer the world? 2.  What do I understand by salvation and do I need to know more? 3.  How will we see more people getting…

Jesus in the Journey

Sometimes what we hoped for from life seems a long way off, especially when things are going wrong. As Jonathan Kent takes us on a journey with a pair of discouraged disciples, we find that Jesus is much closer than we could have ever hoped or imagined.

Wonderful Jesus

Rob unfolds the amazing Jesus in seven fabulous ways. Allow your thinking about Jesus be refreshed and what He truly means for your life and true identity. Jesus – God with us. Jesus – The last Adam. Jesus – Our great high priest. Jesus – The Sacrifice. Jesus – Our true freedom. Jesus – Our righteousness. Jesus – Our everlasting life.  

The power of a name

What names define who we really are? Friend, colleague, brother, mum, dad? It’s amazing how powerful names are. As Jan brilliantly unwraps how a name can affect us both positively and negatively; we discover another name that can truly shape who we are, and allow us to live free and fully for God.

What’s the point of Christmas?

What’s the point of Christmas? Jesus came into the world because of the mess our lives are in. In fact this whole world is in a mess. Starvation, loneliness and pain are known across the world even at Christmas time. Jesus was born into this reality, not in palace, but into the brokenness of real life. He came to give His life to bring us home. He came to save us and serve us…He came because of love. Is this amazing…