Sermons on Chosen (Page 3)

Sermons on Chosen (Page 3)

The Spirit Filled Church Session 1

Terry Virgo brings his fantastic teaching on The Spirit Filled Church. Over the three sessions Terry builds how the role of the Holy Spirit is central in our lives and in church life. Discover God’s purpose and plan for you and embrace living life with the Holy Spirit at the centre every day. Full video of all three sessions

God’s amazing grace

Two fantastic stories are brought to us by Chantal and Colette each reminding and challenging us to respond to God’s amazing grace. Chantal unfolds the story of Rahab as we discover how God had His hand on her life and an amazing plan to save her. Colette continues with her own powerful testimony of God’s grace in her own life, which still amazes her today. Be challenged and respond to how God speaks to you through these messages.

Jesus; rejected yet chosen

Who do you think you are. Jesus knew who He was regardless of all the rejection of this world. Listen to Dave share with us a challenge; how can we be all God wants us to be, reaching out to the unreachable?