Sermons by Rick Robertson

Sermons by Rick Robertson

Choose Your Story | Rick Robertson

As we reach the halfway point in the book of Acts, Rick speaks to us on the key choices we need to make to shape (and choose) our own story; and how our story in powerfully threaded into God’s plans for us and those we live and gather with.

You cannot stop it | Rick Robertson

Acts 5; Freed to be bold – Rick encouraged us not to take our freedom for granted, yes there are pressures but we need to live freely and boldly for the name of Jesus. His grace extends to all and is more than enough. As we look to Easter this weekend let’s use the opportunity with Christ’s passion for the Wirral to be bold, invite family, friends and neighbours to one or more of the events. Have we not been…

Wrestling Right | Rick Robertson | Ephesians

As we approach the conclusion of our journey through Ephesians we are introduced to The Opposition. Looking at what it means to ‘wrestle right’ with the issues of our life and the trouble in the world, we discover that we can choose to belong to God’s victory plan as we step out to change the world with Him.

You are a restorer of relationships

Relationships can be one of the most rewarding and most frustrating parts of life and we need a lot of help to get them right. The good news is that God has restored our relationship with himself 100% –  and now He gives us His power to ‘do’ relationships in a whole new way. We can live with open hearts towards everyone we meet and everyone we know – we are marked by His grace and His love.
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