Sermons by Graham Webb

Sermons by Graham Webb

Graham Webb | 7 Steps into the Presence of God

Graham Webb drew us to look for the presence of God. He looked through verses in Exodus about the Tabernacle, which was a large tent that the Israelites made on instructions from God so that He could dwell in their midst. The critical point that it is all about being in Jesus, not our performance that God chooses to dwell with us and use us to bless the places we go and the communities that we live with.

God’s answer to our excuse | Graham Webb

Are you giving God excuses? Graham looks at how God calls Moses to work out His plans and the excuses that Moses (and us) use when we doubt what God is saying to us…. What excuses are you making today?

Warrior | Graham Webb

Learn from the warriors who have won battles with God throughout the bible. In the battle warriors get wounded but we can learn to heal up quickly, get back up and make a difference for Jesus. As Graham shows us what it means to be a warrior we discover how prophesy drives us forwards, that God is always working our battles for good, so we can rejoice in our amazing God.
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