Sermons by Graham Hill

Sermons by Graham Hill

Graham Hill | The Resurrection

Why is it important that Jesus was raised from the dead? As Graham gives us a taste of Easter, we discover that without the resurrection of Jesus our lives are simply a waiting game into heaven. But the fact that Jesus was raised means we are given power to live miraculous lives, as Jesus did – bringing the kingdom of God wherever we go.

A Dwelling place for God | Graham Hill

Graham shared some of the prophetic vision he had seen of the Tabernacle fitting inside The Jubilee Centre. We are all part of this dwelling place and we all have a gift to bring but we need to be together. We want the blessing of God, and so we need unity of purpose and heart to receive that blessing as a church.

Growing into our calling | Graham Hill

Today Graham spurs us on to take hold of how God calls us. He looks at what is mean to come into his presence and for God to send us out, and what can stop us from fulfilling that calling.