Sermons by Chris Butterworth

Sermons by Chris Butterworth

Accelerating in the Miraculous | Chris Butterworth

As Chris unpacks Acts 5 and the miraculous that the disciples ares experiencing, we are drawn into the part that God wants us to play today in accelerating the miraculous. Reminded that Jesus has already gone before us, already paying the price. Our duty now is to take that step and ask for boldness as we go one sharing His work.

Becoming a people marked by courage | Chris Butterworth

Chris shares a message about courage from 1 Samuel 14 regarding Jonathan and his armour bearer. He emphasises the importance of courage individually and corporately as a church and discusses the vision of the church that God is beginning to reveal to us – not just a local church, but an apostolic hub where people are saved, healed, trained, commissioned and sent out; a place of encountering the presence of God and a place with connections throughout the wirral. Main…

The Pursuit to be Healed | Chris Butterworth

As we continue our series on Pursuing the Miraculous Chris gives us 4 keys to pursuing God healing for ourselves and others. If you have been praying and waiting for healing we pray this message will encourage you to keep going to Jesus, believing He is willing.