Newday 2017 Registration

Newday 2017 Registration

Register for attendance at Newday 2017

The cost for this year’s Newday 2017 conference is £210 per young person. This is a subsidised cost with the church contributing a significant proportion of the costs involved in transport, food, supervision and registration fees.

All payments for this year’s newday need to be made online as we are aiming to simplify the administration involved to free up our youth worker’s time to concentrate on the other aspects of their roles.

a. Make a payment in full (£210)



To register please make your payment on the Paypal website. After you have completed your payment, you will be directed to a registration form where you will need to complete the information relating to your young person including health and emergency contact details.

(Complete young person registration form)

Donate to support our youth at Newday 2017

If you would like to support our youth to attend the Newday conference then please click on the donate button below and give any amount you want via the Paypal website.

  • £30 donation can pay for return coach journey to Newday for one young person
  • £35 donation can pay for food for the week for one young person
  • £50 donation can go towards hire of table & chairs for the week
  • £100 donation can go towards the hire of the van to transport newday equipment
  • £125 donation can pay for one leader to attend newday for the week
  • £210 donation can pay for one young person to attend newday, including food & travel