Media Hub (Page 48)

Media Hub (Page 48)

A new season of faith and courage

Ready for God’s new season in your life? We need to come to God and allow Him to work as He takes us into new seasons. Listen to this emotive talk and be challenged to walk into the new season God has for you, now is the time to arise – it’s time to get going… 

Are you The One?

Continuing our journey through the book of Luke, we enjoy this fantastic talk on John the Baptist. What were his opinions about who Jesus really was? We are challenged to ask ourselves how we see Jesus in our lives. Are we allowing Him to unfold His plans for us, or are we calling all the shots – telling Him how things should be!

Such Faith

Where does our faith lie? In ourselves or in Jesus? As we look at the amazing story of the centurion’s faith in Luke 7, we can be encouraged to know that it only takes a mustard seed of faith and a mighty God to move mountains!

Good Fruit and Good Foundtations

It’s always better to give than receive, and we can make the choice to encourage others towards God, instead of judging them in our hearts. Dave shows us here what is the abundance God has poured out on our lives, and how we can use this same abundant measure to bless all those meet.