Media Hub (Page 47)

Media Hub (Page 47)

Baptism | New Birth in the Holy Spirit

Dave shares the importance of baptism in our lives; both of water baptism, but also of the fantastic filling of the Holy Spirit, the one who comes and fills all those who have put their faith in Jesus. This is where our lives are truly transformed.  

Jesus’ Family

Is your family perfect? No? In God we won’t be perfect straight away, the struggles remain, the most important thing is that we are united in Christ as His Church, His body. As we come together to worship, we come to encourage each other and see Jesus at the centre of all our of lives. Dave powerfully unfolds how Jesus dealt with his family and those who had become his own disciplines, and reflects how we can be God’s family…

Salvation in the name of Jesus

What does salvation mean to you? Does God’s salvation for you affect your whole life? Michael powerfully shares how the word of God in our lives and in the lives of those around us is fully effective in bringing full salvation. We hear how Michael has seen this amazingly in his own life and how as we tell our own stories, Jesus is glorified wherever we go.