Media Hub (Page 46)

Media Hub (Page 46)

The expectation of revival

Denis brings a wonderful picture of what God’s been saying in recent days, and challenges us to expect the Holy Spirit to bring revival to every area of life. He outlines God’s part in this, and our part in this; using the story of the resurrection of Larazus. Are you living in expectation of what God is bringing?

God’s amazing grace

Two fantastic stories are brought to us by Chantal and Colette each reminding and challenging us to respond to God’s amazing grace. Chantal unfolds the story of Rahab as we discover how God had His hand on her life and an amazing plan to save her. Colette continues with her own powerful testimony of God’s grace in her own life, which still amazes her today. Be challenged and respond to how God speaks to you through these messages.

What has God called you to do that you’re not doing?

Are you doing what God’s has placed in your heart, or have you dropped the baton? Graham challenges us; are will still running with God’s purposes in our lives, or are we allowing negative thoughts and strongholds in our lives to stop us in our tracks. God has more for us than we realise,  but how are we going to take hold of this truth and start running again….

Embracing a Culture of Revival

We welcome Mark Curtis to Jubilee as he shares with us a powerful message of what it means to live with God in sustained revival. What amazing things is God doing across the land through churches? We are hearing of many many churches planted all the time, God is on the move! Can we count the cost and give all to follow Him into the amazing things He is doing in our time…?