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Media Hub (Page 42)

Who is the greatest

Robin unfolds this fantastic passage in Luke 9. Jesus sets his face towards Jerusalem and uses the example of a child to give the disciples a lesson in humility. What can we learn and how can our hearts be changed as we come to God in the same way?

Ambassadors of Freedom

Understanding our identity in God is one of the core beliefs we have to get right if we are to be effective ambassadors for him. We are not in a battle with our flesh but in a spiritual battle with an enemy who accuses us of having the same sinful nature that he does. In this new creation our bodies have been made pure and clean, temples where the Holy Spirit now dwells. God is the great reconciler and has…

The Rich young ruler

Jesus identified in this rich young ruler, that although he seemed to be ticking all the right boxes, there was something askew in his heart. Sola wonderfully unfolds this story and how Jesus reveals where the man’s heart is truly at. Are we allowing Jesus to reveal any ‘cryptic’ or hidden sin in our lives? We want to run the race in the freedom he’s offers us, not being held back by things hidden in our hearts. Open up to…


Are you living life in and through the presence of God, or are you running and hiding to keep yourself out of the battles, like Jonah did? God has called us to stay close to Him and following His voice, even when there are tough times. We need our hearts open to God and ready to go where He goes every day.