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Media Hub (Page 3)

Evidence of God’s Grace | Dave Frodsham

As we continue in in the book of Acts we look to see evidence of God’s grace in our lives. What’s God been doing with us; and what can we see of God’s grace in the lives of those around us; which we can celebrate and encourage.

The Issue of the Burning Bush / Ben Davies

Ben Davies from Kerith Community Church Bracknell speak to us powerfully on how God takes us wherever we are at and speaks directly into our lives – whatever our background. God is out to get you from where you are into His presence.

Speak to Move the Mountains | Michael Marcus

Do you have a mountain that you want to see moved? Michael challenges us from the powerful story of Moses speaking to the rock to bring out water – that we can too speak to our mountains and see amazing things happen in the name of the Lord.

Sweat the small stuff! | Dave Frodsham

How import are the things you are doing for God? Small acts of kindness and love matter and God can move in the most insignificant location, as well as significant ones. Wherever we go we take the Kingdom of God with us, and His power into every situation.

Wholly Holy | Robin Gerrard

Sometimes we are so set in our ways of doing things or in our spiritual practices that we miss the opportunities that God has called us to. “Our holiness is like we are wearing a pair of white jeans”. We are just not prepared to go to dirty places or do things that might get our white jeans (holiness) dirty. Jesus did though he mixed with all sorts of people but it was His holiness that rubbed off on the…

Ready Player One | Dave Frodsham

And immediately he proclaimed Jesus in the synagogues, saying, “He is the Son of God.” (Acts 9:20 ESV) What has God asked you to do?  Are you living in the real world and seeing the consequences of your beliefs and actions?   Are you ready to take a stand for the Gospel of Jesus and then respond to what happens next?

Breakout | Mark Curtis

Mark Curtis from Passion for Jesus Ministries spoke to us on Sunday about breakthrough and areas of breakout. We are looking for God to breakout more and more across our nation and seeing more miracles, healing and salvation. He talked about six different breakouts but also that “we are breakouts waiting to happen” but we can limit what he can do. “ our thinking and in our Spirit.

Power In The Presence & Forgiveness | Kezia O’Brien & Danielle Wynn

This week we were blessed to have two key speakers, both delivering excellent messages. First,  Kezia talked about how we should to seek the presence of God and a closer relationship with Him. She recounted the story of King David and his military victories, showing that these came from seeking a closeness to God, through a desire and having a heart for Him, not through his strategical abilities. Secondly, Danielle spoke from Matthew 18 and the importance of forgiveness in…

Graham Anns | Will you ask for more?

Graham Anns from ChristCentral challenges us to ask for MORE from God. Are you willing to be bold and ask God, who is a good Father, to give you more than you’ve yet experienced of Him?

Starting Points | Dave Frodsham

People ask many questions about what we believe or about problems they might be having. In this passage Philip finds out what questions the Ethiopian eunuch has and starts at that point. There are many applications of this message of starting points,  Being ready to respond to questions , being prepared by reading and knowing more about the bible.  Being obedient and following the promptings that God gives you and listening to people and the questions that they have.  Also…

Scattered | Dave Frodsham | Acts

The stoning of Stephen started a more intense persecution against the church and caused many of the believers to scatter throughout the region of Judea, Samaria and beyond. But they stilled preached the good news wherever they went, sharing their personal stories and eye witness accounts. They were everyday evangelists and shared the gospel in their homes and work places.

Shaken out of the comfort zone | Jonathan Kent

Jonathan speaks about the glory of living wholeheartedly for God – but it’s easy to simply get comfortable and miss out on all God wants to do through us on the journey. Are you prepared for God to shake you out of your comfort zone today, and step up to live fully for him?