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Media Hub (Page 3)

A Mouthful of Medicine | Paul Duckworth

Paul Duckworth shares his story of being healed from fibromyalgia and the importance of declaring God’s word over ourselves and our circumstances to see healing manifest.    

Just People Like You – Part 2 | Dave Frodsham

As we turn to Paul and Barnabas they are preaching about the person who made the greatest sacrifice. They preach Jesus, the living God who died and rose again, that He died taking the punishment we deserved defeating sin and death so we can live without fear but with hope.

Just People Like Me | Dave Frodsham

As we return to our series called Believers in Action from the book of Acts we join Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey. We need to take heart that even under opposition as we are the light to the Gentiles (nations) and are called to reach the world. We are like Paul and Barnabas; just people like those we are trying to reach, we have been transformed by God and His power but we are not superior and…

Come with us and we will do you good | Dave Frodsham

We believe just as Moses promised his father in law. “Come with us and we will do you good..” (Numbers 10:29) God has set out a vision and a purpose before us and we want you all to come with us as we believe not only will God bless you, that you have a specific role or part to play.  

A Dwelling place for God | Graham Hill

Graham shared some of the prophetic vision he had seen of the Tabernacle fitting inside The Jubilee Centre. We are all part of this dwelling place and we all have a gift to bring but we need to be together. We want the blessing of God, and so we need unity of purpose and heart to receive that blessing as a church.

Making Disciples who make Disciples / DAVE FRODSHAM

There was a shape he wanted for their lives and for us. An UP – connecting with God an IN- changing character as part of a community and an OUT a calling and a mission to see others come to be disciples. God’s intention is for all of us to have these three things happening in our lives.

Graham Webb | 7 Steps into the Presence of God

Graham Webb drew us to look for the presence of God. He looked through verses in Exodus about the Tabernacle, which was a large tent that the Israelites made on instructions from God so that He could dwell in their midst. The critical point that it is all about being in Jesus, not our performance that God chooses to dwell with us and use us to bless the places we go and the communities that we live with.

You have purpose with God | Denis Knowles

Denis shares how God’s view of the world, good and bad, is the only one to to hold onto. The key truth that Denis shares through a series of fascinating stories, is that we are held onto by God and He has great purpose for us in this mixed up world – He knows exactly where to put us in His plans.

Words of encouragement from the King | Dave Frodsham

God wants to work through us, to enable us to live freely seeing the gospel build bridges wherever we go. As Dave takes us in into Acts 13 we discover what is means to live freely in every part of our lives – with words of encouragement directly from the King.