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You are NOT alone – Dave Frodsham

Acts 18: Do you ever feel like you are all alone, trying to live your best life? Is there anyone with you? As we continue through the book of Acts God makes it clear that we are NOT alone, in fact we are surrounded with God’s people! Be encouraged God has placed you right were he wants you and there are more with you than you realise, and God is always at work. “Even when I don’t see it, You’re…

To The Unknown God – Dave Frodsham

How are you doing at building bridges with those that don’t know Jesus? As we continue our series on Acts (Believers in Action) Dave demonstrates how the early followers of Jesus used whatever they saw in their culture to talk to people about Jesus. Acts 17:16-34

A Tale of Two Cities | Graham Hill

Are you seeing a dividing line in the world around you between light and dark? Do you find yourself getting into trouble because you stand up for the gospel? Graham tells us how Paul and Silas in Acts stand up for Jesus in very tricky situations – yet through their faith the light of Christ becomes famous wherever they go.

More Open Doors – Dave Frodsham

As Dave continues our series in the book of Acts we see that whatever is in our way God can open the locked doors – and worship in midst of trouble is a powerful key in our hand.

Who are we? – Mark Bowell

Who are you? It’s hard to know, especially with all the labels we, and others put on ourselves. However as Mark digs up the gold in the book of Ephesians, we discover a truth that eclipses all other names and labels – and it for you!

Open Doors / Dave Frodsham

As we continue this powerful series on the book of Acts, Dave brings a rallying call of what it means to be on mission together as a team; a team that is sensitive to God’s voice, and sees the doors He is opening for us.

Linda Pender // Letting go of the baggage that weighs you down…

During the weekend of our Finding Freedom conference, we welcomed Linda to speak to us on the Sunday more, setting people free from the ‘baggage’ that weighs us down. With humour, compassion, and prophetic anointing, Linda brings the healing restoring touch of Jesus and the Father’s Love as she ministers in the grace, power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Linda lives in Seattle, USA and provides ministry for men, women, families, children and teenagers. She offers counseling in many…

As for me and my house… / Rick Robertson

It’s often easier to say we’re going to live our lives for God than actually following it through. Today Rick gives us a key to unlocking a life that is live in freedom to truly live for Jesus. Bible passages: Joshua 24:2-18 Ezekiel 36: 24-28 Matthew 26:20-30

Perseverance and Hope / Danielle Wynn

Danielle share’s her stories of perseverance and how God has faithfully seen her through as she’s trusted in Him. Also taking powerful snapshots from heroes of the faith, we discover that trusting God to see us through impacts not only our lives but the lives of those around us.