Media Hub (Page 3)

Media Hub (Page 3)

Abiding // Jonathan Kent

Great message from Jonathan Kent about abiding in Jesus. Taken from John 15, Jonathan shows what it means to stay connected to Jesus and how He intertwines us with each other to produce good fruit.

FREE WILL / Chris Griffiths

What is free will, and how can we follow God’s path into His promises for us. Chris takes the story of Abraham’s life to show how you too can set your heart to trust God no matter what.

You are selected and sent | Mark Curtis

Speaking from Mark 6:7-13 we look at what is means to be someone who is ‘sent’ – and how keeping moving with God is a key to being an effective influence in our own community (whatever that looks like for you).

Treasure Finders | Matthew Price

Matthew speaks to us today about how we set our treasure in the right places. What dictates how you prioritise the important things in life? We discover a key to living life with our hearts set in the right direction.

Courageous Faith | Gideon – Rick Robertson

We all want to live courageous lives, but how do we get that courage? Where does courageous come from? As Rick unpacks Gideon’s story from the book of Judges, He reveals how God is working to build courageous faith in you.

Jonah: Transforming the Wirral – Graham Webb

Graham Webb joined us today from Jubilee Church Liverpool with the story of Jonah, and how like Jonah God is called us to respond to His voice and obey, even when we don’t feel like it! The results will be a transformed Wirral…

Giving Honour | Dave Frodsham

Giving honour is one of our core values for Jubilee Church Wirral. Dave unpacks why a culture of honour is so critical when it comes to living for God and representing Him in our lives.

Is Life a Comedy or Tragedy? – Dave Frodsham

We’re told that life is a tragedy. It’s full of fun but it ends in the pit. Is there any hope? Easter tells you of a divine comedy. It’s the story of the Author entering our great drama, plunging down to the pit and rising up to joy. Could that story be true? Might there be someone who has taken our tragedy to give us his comedy? Watch this and find out for yourself. Based on material from Glen Scrivener.

Graham Hill | The Resurrection

Why is it important that Jesus was raised from the dead? As Graham gives us a taste of Easter, we discover that without the resurrection of Jesus our lives are simply a waiting game into heaven. But the fact that Jesus was raised means we are given power to live miraculous lives, as Jesus did – bringing the kingdom of God wherever we go.

The Grace of God | Chris Clifton-Brown

Chris shows us what the lavish generosity of God grace looks like and how different it is to what we see in the world. There truly is nothing like the world changing grace of God. Chris is leader of Freedom Church Liverpool