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Linda Pender // Letting go of the baggage that weighs you down…

During the weekend of our Finding Freedom conference, we welcomed Linda to speak to us on the Sunday more, setting people free from the ‘baggage’ that weighs us down. With humour, compassion, and prophetic anointing, Linda brings the healing restoring touch of Jesus and the Father’s Love as she ministers in the grace, power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Linda lives in Seattle, USA and provides ministry for men, women, families, children and teenagers. She offers counseling in many…

As for me and my house… / Rick Robertson

It’s often easier to say we’re going to live our lives for God than actually following it through. Today Rick gives us a key to unlocking a life that is live in freedom to truly live for Jesus. Bible passages: Joshua 24:2-18 Ezekiel 36: 24-28 Matthew 26:20-30

Perseverance and Hope / Danielle Wynn

Danielle share’s her stories of perseverance and how God has faithfully seen her through as she’s trusted in Him. Also taking powerful snapshots from heroes of the faith, we discover that trusting God to see us through impacts not only our lives but the lives of those around us.

Do Not Be Anxious / Graham Hill

We all struggle to find peace in the unexpected storms of life, but Jesus clearly tells us not to be anxious – because our relationship with Him gives us a clear view that He is in charge and can be trusted. How are you doing connecting to the ‘power source’ of peace every day?

Geoffrey Prince / Love and Communication

Geoffrey Prince is a great friend and father at Jubilee and we are delighted to hear him speak on two critical areas of life; Love and Communication. The keys of love and communication support our leaders, people, programs and outreach within church life, they provide us with a robust self-awareness of well-being with God that builds towards a strong community.

Prince Thomas / There’s something different about Joseph

In the book of Genesis we read the amazing story of Joseph from chapters 37-50. As Prince outlines this story we are struck how God’s hand on Joseph’s life made all the difference to His life – and in the same way we can walk in confidence that our lives too have something different and amazing about them; because of God’s hand on us today.

Last Man Standing // Ewan Rogers

A powerful message of standing strong in the power of the Holy Spirit, and the choices we need to make to take hold of Jesus’ and stand strong, even when we are the last man standing.

Transition // Michael Marcus

Michael describes how God takes us through transition in our lives and is faithful through it all – our choice is how we choose to see these transition times and trust God. We look at the story of Moses taking the Israelites through the Red Sea to understand what it means to trust God for the miraculous. Exodus 14.

The Call to Sacrifice // Adrian Horner

We welcome Adrian Horner speaking from Matthew 27:32; Simon of Cyrene – a passerby in the story of Jesus’ crucifixion, who like us was called to sacrifice for Jesus. What precious things in your life is Jesus calling to lay at His feat, in order that your one firm connection is to Him alone?

Abiding // Jonathan Kent

Great message from Jonathan Kent about abiding in Jesus. Taken from John 15, Jonathan shows what it means to stay connected to Jesus and how He intertwines us with each other to produce good fruit.

FREE WILL / Chris Griffiths

What is free will, and how can we follow God’s path into His promises for us. Chris takes the story of Abraham’s life to show how you too can set your heart to trust God no matter what.