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Starting Points | Dave Frodsham

People ask many questions about what we believe or about problems they might be having. In this passage Philip finds out what questions the Ethiopian eunuch has and starts at that point. There are many applications of this message of starting points,  Being ready to respond to questions , being prepared by reading and knowing more about the bible.  Being obedient and following the promptings that God gives you and listening to people and the questions that they have.  Also…

Scattered | Dave Frodsham | Acts

The stoning of Stephen started a more intense persecution against the church and caused many of the believers to scatter throughout the region of Judea, Samaria and beyond. But they stilled preached the good news wherever they went, sharing their personal stories and eye witness accounts. They were everyday evangelists and shared the gospel in their homes and work places.

Shaken out of the comfort zone | Jonathan Kent

Jonathan speaks about the glory of living wholeheartedly for God – but it’s easy to simply get comfortable and miss out on all God wants to do through us on the journey. Are you prepared for God to shake you out of your comfort zone today, and step up to live fully for him?