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Media Hub (Page 19)

Such Faith

Where does our faith lie? In ourselves or in Jesus? As we look at the amazing story of the centurion’s faith in Luke 7, we can be encouraged to know that it only takes a mustard seed of faith and a mighty God to move mountains!

Good Fruit and Good Foundtations

It’s always better to give than receive, and we can make the choice to encourage others towards God, instead of judging them in our hearts. Dave shows us here what is the abundance God has poured out on our lives, and how we can use this same abundant measure to bless all those meet.

Speaking Life

What words are you speaking over your own life? This challenging and inspiring talk looks at the negative words we can live under, and how we can see breakthrough, freedom and release in all areas of our lives, using God’s word.

Love your enemies, because God first loved you

We all find it hard to love those we struggle with in our lives. Can we do more than just put up with, or ignore those we find difficult or who have hurt us? Can we actively find ways to love them? Listen to this challenging talk as Dave shares with us how we can bless, and love because God’s power within us make us able.

Jesus and the rules

What sort of person are you? A rule keeper or rule breaker….Jesus is the one who made the rules, so we need to go to Him with an open heart as He leads us. New wine needs a new skins, be open to God speaking His new wine into your life as you listen to this challenging message.

Jesus will

Dave shares more about the amazing work of Jesus in our lives from Luke. Do we really believe He is completely willing to transform us? Do we believe He can work through us to reach others, no matter how hard that may be. To love the unlovable, forgive the unforgivable and touch the untouchable. As we let His life work in and through us, we can prepare to see amazing things.

With Jesus in the storms

Joseph Mwila from Zambia shares with us about getting through the storms of life as God works each and every one for His purposes. Be encouraged as you listen to Joseph’s own story and what an amazing adventure we have with Jesus in the boat.

Jesus Calls

Jesus is calling us from where we are to where He wants us to be. What does His call on our lives actually mean though? And what do we actually need to do about it? Dave opens this up to us as we look further into the book of Luke. Jesus calls His first disciples; turning their worlds upside down. Is His call on your life turning your world upside down too?

Jesus Heals

Are you aware of the power that God’s given you in Christ to overcome all that comes against you. This week we continue looking at Luke’s account of Jesus’ healings as He start His ministry. It’s time to get hold of His power in your life, and walk a new walk.

Jesus; rejected yet chosen

Who do you think you are. Jesus knew who He was regardless of all the rejection of this world. Listen to Dave share with us a challenge; how can we be all God wants us to be, reaching out to the unreachable?

Jesus fully tested

Continuing our series in the book of Luke we find Jesus in the wilderness being tempted. Denis wonderfully describes how difficult these forty days would have been for Jesus, and through all Jesus’ sufferings, He fully identifies with everything we go through. This talk really challenges us to stand and take of hold this amazing Jesus as He give us forgiveness, strength power and love to live life for Him.

God’s Rich Mercy

Dave challenges us to look at God’s justice and mercy and how perfectly these are balanced perfectly within who God is. How does God pour out His mercy over our lives? And how does this cause us to live. With wonderful illustrations from Les Miserable we are led to come together to share the bread and wine at the foot of the cross.

Don’t grow weary

Keith encourages us through great stuff from the book of Act and Hebrews to not grow weary. Are you thinking that it’s all just too hard and feel like giving up? Be encouraged, know that you God is not only with you, but is completely for you.