Media Hub (Page 18)

Media Hub (Page 18)

God’s amazing grace

Two fantastic stories are brought to us by Chantal and Colette each reminding and challenging us to respond to God’s amazing grace. Chantal unfolds the story of Rahab as we discover how God had His hand on her life and an amazing plan to save her. Colette continues with her own powerful testimony of God’s grace in her own life, which still amazes her today. Be challenged and respond to how God speaks to you through these messages.

What has God called you to do that you’re not doing?

Are you doing what God’s has placed in your heart, or have you dropped the baton? Graham challenges us; are will still running with God’s purposes in our lives, or are we allowing negative thoughts and strongholds in our lives to stop us in our tracks. God has more for us than we realise,  but how are we going to take hold of this truth and start running again….

Embracing a Culture of Revival

We welcome Mark Curtis to Jubilee as he shares with us a powerful message of what it means to live with God in sustained revival. What amazing things is God doing across the land through churches? We are hearing of many many churches planted all the time, God is on the move! Can we count the cost and give all to follow Him into the amazing things He is doing in our time…?

Baptism | New Birth in the Holy Spirit

Dave shares the importance of baptism in our lives; both of water baptism, but also of the fantastic filling of the Holy Spirit, the one who comes and fills all those who have put their faith in Jesus. This is where our lives are truly transformed.  

Jesus’ Family

Is your family perfect? No? In God we won’t be perfect straight away, the struggles remain, the most important thing is that we are united in Christ as His Church, His body. As we come together to worship, we come to encourage each other and see Jesus at the centre of all our of lives. Dave powerfully unfolds how Jesus dealt with his family and those who had become his own disciplines, and reflects how we can be God’s family…

Salvation in the name of Jesus

What does salvation mean to you? Does God’s salvation for you affect your whole life? Michael powerfully shares how the word of God in our lives and in the lives of those around us is fully effective in bringing full salvation. We hear how Michael has seen this amazingly in his own life and how as we tell our own stories, Jesus is glorified wherever we go.

The sower, the seed and the soil.

Dave Frodsham continues our series looking at Luke. This week we examine the parable of the sower.  Are you scattering seed? What sort of soil are you? Are you hearing the word of God and producing fruit?

What about….?

Are you a ‘what-about’ person; always finding reasons why God’s abundant blessing is for other people and not for you? Listen to this fantastic preach by Ben Davies about Amaziah who was a ‘what-about’ man, but had it all turned around with one word from God.

Why love?

How do you deal with people you come across? Are you able to receive everyone you meet as Jesus did? Dave unfolds this beautiful story in Luke revealing how our hearts can be changed to others, as we get hold of God’s amazing love. We want to be a church open to receive everyone, no matter who they are.

A new season of faith and courage

Ready for God’s new season in your life? We need to come to God and allow Him to work as He takes us into new seasons. Listen to this emotive talk and be challenged to walk into the new season God has for you, now is the time to arise – it’s time to get going… 

Are you The One?

Continuing our journey through the book of Luke, we enjoy this fantastic talk on John the Baptist. What were his opinions about who Jesus really was? We are challenged to ask ourselves how we see Jesus in our lives. Are we allowing Him to unfold His plans for us, or are we calling all the shots – telling Him how things should be!

Such Faith

Where does our faith lie? In ourselves or in Jesus? As we look at the amazing story of the centurion’s faith in Luke 7, we can be encouraged to know that it only takes a mustard seed of faith and a mighty God to move mountains!

Good Fruit and Good Foundtations

It’s always better to give than receive, and we can make the choice to encourage others towards God, instead of judging them in our hearts. Dave shows us here what is the abundance God has poured out on our lives, and how we can use this same abundant measure to bless all those meet.