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God’s answer to our excuse | Graham Webb

Are you giving God excuses? Graham looks at how God calls Moses to work out His plans and the excuses that Moses (and us) use when we doubt what God is saying to us…. What excuses are you making today?

Dreams and Visions | Michael Marcus

God uses dreams and visions in lots of different ways to help his people, we should continue to ask God for dreams and keep a note of those we think are significant. Michael shared on Sunday about some of the dreams that he has had in his life and that he has written down and these have helped him to make decisions to respond to circumstances and people. Dreams display the power of God, can bring us strength and hope…

Accelerating in the Miraculous | Chris Butterworth

As Chris unpacks Acts 5 and the miraculous that the disciples ares experiencing, we are drawn into the part that God wants us to play today in accelerating the miraculous. Reminded that Jesus has already gone before us, already paying the price. Our duty now is to take that step and ask for boldness as we go one sharing His work.