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It’s great to be part of what God is doing in each others lives, supporting  and caring for one another as we live and work in the community where God has placed us. Homegroups are a place where we can keep our lives connected throughout the week, as we affect those we live and work with. They are invaluable ways of supporting each other through all that life brings as we grow in our walk with God. We have homegroups across the Wirral, see which one you’d like to be part of.

What happens in a homegroup?

Starting at 7:45pm with a coffee and a catch up, we have a time of worship prayer and bible study as well as sharing about reaching out those we live and work with. Most groups wind up about 9:30pm.

I’ve never been to a homegroup, will I fit in?

Absolutely. These are safe places where you can make friends and just be yourself. It’s a place where we can be honest and stand with each other in whatever’s happening in our lives. There’s always something new and encourage that God brings when we get together and see what He’s up to in our lives.

What if don’t have time to go every week?

Not a problem. Being part of a homegroup isn’t for one night a week, but it’s about staying connected and supporting each other throughout the week. Even if you can’t make it every week, the group will still be praying and supporting you. Dive in and get connected.

Okay sounds pretty fantastic, how do I find a group?

There are a couple of ways:

  • If you know others who are in a group that you’d like to join, give them a shout. They’ll be happy to welcome you.
  • Or have a look at our homegroups list and see which one is nearest to where you live.
Click to view list of Jubilee home groups